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Using Sky+ or SkyHD Remote?


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My dog recently chewed my expensive Harmony 700 remote so I'm reluctant to spend that sort of money again!! I was thinking of FLIRC but wanted to ask if anybody in the UK has been able to get the Sky+ or SkyHD remote to work in a multi device configuration? I have a Pioneer TV, Devon AV amplifier and xbmc on W7 to control. Also, is it possible to configure a single button to toggle POWER ON/OFF for 3 devices?



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Hi there,

Just received 4 Flircs, and am in the process of programming them for various Sky remotes (including the flip one with the keyboard). My intention is to use them to control XBMC.

I've only been doing it 10 minutes, and it's really simple to do. I'd say one thing that would be useful would be the ability to map more than one IR code to a key on the keyboard, as when you flip the keyboard remote open it sends different codes (1 is not the same code as 1 when it's closed, for example).

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