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FLIRC on Latest Kodi is Broken


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I'm using the Vero 4K running OSMC (Kodi) and on the latest version, a change was made that has made using the FLIRC a nightmare as duplicate presses are making it havoc to use at all. The dev of OSMC stated:

"Kodi v18 uses a new input method for devices that expose themselves as a keyboard (i.e. don’t go through an LIRC socket).

The repeat filtering is different. You may need to adjust this on the FLIRC."

Is there a way to adjust the FLIRC to stop the duplicate presses? A user has replied "The inter-key delay on my FLIRC is already set at ‘7’ which is the maximum setting." and still not resolving it.

Thread here: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/remote-double-clicks-following-april-2019-update/79538/2

Support appreciated if you can work with Sam on the fix, as I imagine this will affect a lot of users of FLIRC/OSMC/Kodi.


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