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trying to get flirc_util send_ir_raw working


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Hi there, I am a happy owner of both revisions of your little device!

I just purchased the v2 to try and utilise it for a little Rasp Pi project. I want to send some commands via IR in response to keypresses.

I installed with "

curl apt.flirc.tv/install.sh | sudo bash 

So I have used the device log to get the "edge"  and pumped into a terminal window.

For example:

flirc_util send_ir_raw 0,8819,4355,623,451,572,502,602,451,623,456,592,488,591,451,623,451,597,477,601,1576,597,1581,622,1589,589,1576,597,1580,623,1577,601,1576,593,1585,648,1551,597,1581,593,1586,623,447,597,481,598,455,619,451,597,482,597,456,648,421,598,481,597,1581,593,1585,623,1576,602,1576,593,1585,623

This is an "ON" button for an LED lamp I have. 

I have removed the lamp cover so that the IR receiver is exposed. I have placed the flirc v2 and the lamp about 10cm apart. With the front of the flirc2 plastic pointing directly at it.

Nothing happens.

Am I missing something here? Any help would be appreciated.


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