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Flirc not Working, Windows 10, Hardware looks different?!


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Hello Flirc Team,

i bought some time ago a flirc device. After a couple of months now i want to use it on my new HTPC, but the GUI say "Disconnected"...

I tried different USB2 and USB3 slots, my Laptop and my main PC. Everywhere the same problem.

The device manager looks normal.

On top of that my hardware looks different, is there an new hardware version out and the old one not supported anymore?

Thank you for helping!



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This is the first generation Flirc - the older one. If you can, return it and get a 2nd gen one, which is in the metal case.

Anyway, it should work. The driver installation looks fine for the 1st gen. I haven't used Windows for quite some time now so it's hard for me to be more helpful in your case.

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Hello forum,

after we received no support.

I found a short-term solution to our problem.
It is not so easy, but it helps until a software update solves the problem.

You create a previous WIN version with a USB stick, e.g. 8.1
with WinToUSB. Start the newly created system via the BIOS.

There you can quickly install the Flirc software and program the FLIRC-SE.

The program is maintained !!!

After changing the boot menu to your Win 10 system in the BIOS again.

Voila, the new programming is still there.

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