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Can't get repeat to work with Flirc V2 and Verizon P265 remote (some buttons)


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Holding remote's arrow button down invokes repeated presses on STB.

Doing the same with Flirc (checking via GUI debug window and Kodi) does not. Only get single event.

However, the volume button (which remote maps to TV's volume code) does repeat.

Flirc 2.0 dori

FW: 4.4.2

Verizon remotes: P265v3.1, P265v5




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Thanks for the reply.

Flirc GUI Device Log w/Enable IR Debugging only shows 1 event even when holding arrow down for 10 secs (log attached). No event registered when button released.

However, the Fios DVR (model QIP7232) detects multiple keypresses. Example: in DVR's EPG, holding down arrow will continuously move down the channels.

The remote is setup such that the Volume button maps to the TV's volume control (i.e. TV's remote code for volume). This is a feature of the remote.

Flirc does detect multiple of that button (log attached).

Thanks for the help.



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Tried 2nd Flirc running FW 4.3.0

It behaves the same with same looking logs (single event on press, no event on release).

Appears all buttons destined for QIP STB, flirc does not detect multiple presses (but STB does).

Buttons mapped to TV (vol, separate TV power button on remote) do generate multiple flirc detections.

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Your TV uses NEC signals. These are well known and work well with Flirc.

On the other hand your STB probably uses G.I.Cable protocol. If I'm right the remote should produce one full frame (the one you see) and then multiple short frames (called ditto frames), which should all look like this (real values can oscillate a little around these values):

NEC1 also uses ditto frames for repeats (but for NEC1 the timings are different) and Flirc supports them properly. Theoretically it should be possible to support that but I don't know why you don't see these in the log.

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The remote is very common in the US. It was supplied by many of the cable TV providers (Verizon, Time Warner, etc).

I believe Motorola makes the QIP STBs. I have seen some forum posts mentioning they often use G.I. (apparently Motorola bought GI).

The remote is designed to control the STB (most buttons) and then allow user to enter their TV code to program  a few buttons (volume, etc) to their specific TV.

Example of remote:



Definitely not seeing ditto codes in the debug log. Not getting multiple presses when using flirc on rpi running lirc/kodi/etc either.

Could flirc fw may be filtering the GI ditto codes? Any way to debug further?

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