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Denon RC-1002 keeps pressing double buttons on Flirc V2


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I'm trying to use a Denon RC-1002 remote with Flirc V2, but it keeps doubling the button press. Regardless if I use it on Kodi on an ARM/Android or at my Win PC, pressing "up" on the remote once causes the cursor to jump up twice. Don't have this problem with other remotes.

Is this protocol not supported?

I'm using GUI v3.20.4 on Win8.1 and Firmware v4.4.2
Edit: Configuration was deleted except for this one button successfully added. Same issue with every other button as well.

Attached log contains three short button presses of the same button.





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config file added
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This remote uses Denon proprietary protocol. I'm sorry to say this but I don't see a way to support this protocol. The protocol itself is not that complicated. When you press a button on the remote, the remote sends at least two frames. The issue is that odd frames differ from even frames in a very substantial way because the protocol inverts some bits. Flirc sees this as two alternating signals instead of just the same button being held.

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No, the firmware is not open.

Regarding the possibility of implementing support for this protocol, currently I don't see a way to do this. For Flirc to support many different remotes/protocols, it doesn't decode the signals, but uses some transformations which lead to generating a hash value for the signal. It's the hash value that is stored in the configuration in the flash memory of the device and is compared then against incoming signals. This allows Flirc to work with a lot of different IR protocols, but the downside is that a protocol like Denon won't work correctly.

The problem is that Denon protocol is not robust if not decoded correctly. This means that signals similar to the Denon signals can be randomly received from different sources (at least according to description of that protocol in IrScrutinizer software) and can falsely trigger some functions. Only fully decoded full frame (which consists of two half-frames which complement each other) is considered robust. And like I've mentioned above, Flirc doesn't decode the signal.

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