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Hi there,

i´m pretty sure my question is already answered here somewhere, but i just can´t wrap my head around it........this is my situation:


I´m trying to get my harmony 950 working with flirc SE but problems start as soon as i am trying to configure the remote via "MyHarmony". I´m adding an new with vendor "flirc" and model "Kodi" (since XBMC doesn´t exist any more). When trying to assign buttons i realise that some crucial functions are not available for mapping, for instance "record" or "guide".


Another funny thing is related in turning on and off the mediacenter: it can only be woken up by the button defined in the flirc-profile but not be sent back to suspend. I suppose that the mediacenter ist woken up by a USB-Signal and not by virtually pressing the power-button. How can i fix this?





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