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So a Flirc USB cost about $50 AUD here so I'm surprised there is no true support for it once you buy it.  Many genuine question on the forums are not answered.  I notice that no Incident number is assigned to an issue.  I had Logitech ring me up in Australia twice form the US to sort out my Harmony remotes and then follow up emails to make sure I was satisfied.  This is called customer support..  But I don't believe that "maybe" having you question answered correctly on a forum can be considered support.  

How about stepping up to some true professional support for a commercial product.  If you have an issue you should be able to log it and get some kind of advice.

Do you have a list of known errors with workarounds,  If so some issues can be quickly resolved.   Do you have known errors mapped to work request mapped to future releases ?

How hard would it be to put some youtube videos  up to show how to solve the most common issues .

I manage the support of a large commercial software application.  No service request or issue goes unanswered.  We have service level agreements and 3 tiers of support.  Everything is recorded and we have a set time to resolve it.   Even if you have the best product in the world you won't have anyone buying it if when they start to use it there are issue and  there is no one who will help.

The lack of support is why the general public is warry of buying Chinese software or hardware because when things go wrong  they have no concept of customer service.   You have a great product but you need to step up and sort our your customer service in regard to support.






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