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HTTPS and Flirc Kodi Raspberry Pi 3B+ (PoE)


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Hello, first of all, it's 2018, and there's a forum, accounts, account-creation on plain, unsecure http, maybe that's something to be fixed, or not...

The main reason for my account-creation was to ask about my Flirc favourite doohickey, is there plans for making a Kodi-case for Raspberry Pi 3B+ and with possible separate version for the coming Raspberry Pi 3B+ with PoE-hat, yes the official Poe-hat includes a small fan and therefore most likely ruins the dream of silent operating RPi with no moving, eventually failing parts. Maybe the fan could be removed should Flirc's aluminium-cooling design proove sufficient enough? But that's my second question!


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One of the main features of the Flirc RPi case (besides awesome looks :)) is that it also acts as a heat sink for the CPU. There's no way to do that with the HAT, as it covers the CPU.

Some time ago some user removed the plastic cover on top of the case (it's easily detachable) and cut a hole with a dremmel right above the GPIO port and built a GPIO extension which raised the GPIO port high enough that the HAT could be placed on top of the Flirc case. Then he 3d printed the case for the HAT which attached to the top of the case (in place of the original plastic cover).

I've started doing the same but I didn't bother with making a makeshift GPIO extension but I've found a 40-pin goldpin female header with long male pins on the other end, which is more than enough to raise the port on its own.

What I would like to see is the GPIO hole already done at the factory and ability to download a 3d model of replacement cover to print out. It could then be adapted to whatever HAT someone would like to use with the case.

Here's the extender:


And how it looks in the case when mounted on the RPi 3:


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Spiffy mod-there. Then I came across with this, NavoLabs Raspberry Pi 3+ micro POE Hat:navo-poe-rs3bp.thumb.jpg.0433e30d56dbe567d8c7495b99296b61.jpg



YouTube-video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5x3nvhQF_0

By the looks of it, it just might fit into Flirc-case?

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Unfortunately it won't. Besides the heat sink post, there are also the screw posts which go down right to the RPi board itself. The RPi board is screwed to them from the bottom, through the plastic bottom part of the case.

You'd need to make the two screw posts shorter by cutting them to proper length (not an easy task). I don't know how much the post is threaded, so there's a risk of loosing the ability to screw it back together.

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