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I don't really know that software nor I have even access to a mac, but a quick Google search for Eye-TV gave me this page:


It contains a list of keyboard shortcuts needed to control the Eye-TV using a keyboard (a requirement with Flirc). Having that list, you should install and open Flirc application and map selected functions to your remote. For example, if you want to map a Select function (which is controller by enter/return key), you should open a Full keyboard controller in the Controllers menu in the Flirc app, click on the enter key on the virtual keyboard and, when asked by the software, press a button on the remote you want to assign to the enter key. You should repeat this for other buttons on the remote.

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hi yawor, thanks for your answer !I found that too and tried that ...but Cann't work it out for instance I want to record next Chanel what should be a "+ " sign , I can't find it on full keybord  I tried other presets but it still doesn'T behave as it did... up and down volume but if you program and go to the "program guide" it is imposible to navigate....  is really strange that nobody else figured that out I found something in forums but to be honest I do not have a glue what they are writing about..;-(


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