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Please connect flirc after upgrading firmware


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I just got my flirc yesterday and programmed it fine, but I noticed long key presses didn't work, so I attempted to install the latest firmware. While updating, the flirc program crashed and now it will not work and says "please connect flirc". I have verified the driver is still working, and have installed flirc on another computer to no avail. I have tried to upgrade the firmware again to a stable release but it will not let me as the program doesn't think flirc is connected. Is there anything I can do to fix it? :( Thank you for your time!

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This just happened to me. I got flirc today and was excited as expected (great product) and all was working good. I programmed using an apple remote and all was working good. I then decided to try and update the firmware to get long presses working. Now in the GUI it only says "please connect Flirc" and i cant do anything.


When i plug flirc into my laptop, the laptop beeps as if something is connected twice then one more time as if the device is removed. 


Any help is much appreciated as i would like to get this up and running as it is the last piece to my project.


Thanks Muchly

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I too have this problem, but I was able to complete the firmware upgrade on another computer as did JDGOWER. However, the upgraded GUI on my XBMC box is still unable to see the flirc device saying "Please Connect Flirc". So I can't make any changes to flirc...at least on my XBMC box.


In addition to not being able to get the GUI to connect to Flirc, I now have a problem where I have to hit the buttons on my remote several times to make a selection. Would love to be able to connect to Flirc so I could make a few adjustments. Any suggestions?

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