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FLIRC and URC MX-780 and RF blaster - "too many edges"


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I recently switched from a HTPC to an nVidia shield, and purchased a FLIRC for controlling it with my URC Mx-780. The remote had worked flawlessly on my HTPC, which had a separate RF module. With the new system the remote input is very sluggish, to the point of being unusable. Additionally, any quick presses (e.g. doing a double press of one of the direction keys, etc) will not register at all. 

The debug window gives the constant error of "too many edges" with any quick key press. I have turned down the strength of the IR blaster to its lowest setting, but it still seems to occur. I have wrapped the blaster and the FLIRC window in opaque tape, and that hasn't helped. I have tried to put distance b/w the rf blaster and FLIRC device, but that hasn't helped either. I have tried programming the directional keys etc in multiple ways, including mapping both single and rapid clicks to the same button, but nothing has seemed to help. And when the device is plugged in, even single taps are very sluggish, or don't register at all (though they register when the device is plugged into a laptop). I can post some logs if that would be helpful. 

Any help would be great. I'm getting to be a bit frustrated with the whole process. 

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I know this is old but figured I would mention my experience.  I saw the same error on my MX-990.  Turns out it has something to do with the choice of IR Codes.  When I first tried, I picked a random "DVR" type device in the IR Database of the URC software.  It wold take it but log the error.  But when I tried to reprogram the same key with the same code, it did NOT give that "Already Exists" warning from the FLIRC software.  And when I tried to put it into the FireTV, it did not work.

I then tried something more "traditional", namely the Panasonic TV Code 3 set and worked perfectly.  No log error, it did give the warning if I tried to use the same IR code in the FLIRC software, and the FireTV responded perfectly.

So not all codes are created equal it seems.


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