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Possible to load 1st gen config onto 2nd gen?


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I've been using a 1st gen Flirc on my shield tv in my bedroom for awhile now and it works perfectly and I just got a second shield tv for my living room and I also bought a 2nd gen Flirc to go with it. I'm trying to copy the config of the first gen Flirc to the 2nd gen Flirc but it doesn't seem to be working. Both Flircs have their latest firmware (3.9 and 4.4.2) and I have tried doing a save config on the 1st gen and then a load config on the 2nd gen but none of the buttons work when using the same remote. Am I doing something wrong or are the two generation config files not compatible?

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It is possible to load the configuration and the software will try to do its best to convert the old config structure to the new one. Unfortunately, because 2nd gen changed a lot in how it works when compared to 1st gen, the conversion is not always successful. Possible issues that may occur:

- keys don't repeat at all or multiple key presses when pressing the remote button - This may happen because 1st gen had an Interkey delay setting which is obsolete on 2nd gen, as 2nd gen now records the time between the signals. 1st gen configuration is missing that information and conversion has to use default value for that.
- keys don't work at all - This may happen with some remotes, as the IR signal hashing algorithm had some recent optimisations when used with some remotes.

To fix any of these issues, there's no other way than to clear the configuration and record all the keys from the start. I know this may be inconvenient, but it'll give you the best results.

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