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URC MX-850 and Fire TV


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You can set up almost any remote to control it. Just set up your remote to some device you don't have physically (so it doesn't interfere with other hardware you own). It can be some PVR or TV. For example, my remote is set up for some Samsung TV. Then you connect Flirc to the PC or Mac and use Flirc GUI software to map buttons on the remote to functions you need. There's a Fire TV controller in the app (in the controllers menu).

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I'm not familiar with URC remotes and their software, so I can't help you with details, but like I've mentioned in my previous reply, just program the remote to control any device you don't actually have. As Flirc is a programmable device itself you don't need to program your remote in very specific way. For example, if you don't have a Samung TV, then add a Samsung TV to your remote. If the remote allows you to set every detail like a protocol used etc (instead of selecting a concrete hardware) then use a NECx1 or NECx2 protocol with some random device id value and add as many buttons you need with different function codes (again sorry, I'm not familiar with URC software so I don't know the capabilities of the remote).

After you set up your remote, connect Flirc to your PC or Mac, install Flirc software if you didn't do this yet and open Flirc application.

In the Flirc app you have a main menu with Controllers position. In that submenu, you have multiple controllers available. One of them is a Fire TV controller. To program Flirc, you press a button representation in the app and the app will ask you to press a button on the remote you want to have assigned to the function you've selected. You go through all the functions and that's it. You can also mix controllers in any way you want (the controller selection is not stored anywhere - it's just a view in the app). So after recording all the buttons on Fire TV controller you can for example go to Full Keyboard or Multimedia and record more buttons if you want or need. Every button you record is saved in the Flirc's memory, so you don't need to save anything.

When you record your buttons in Flirc software, don't point your remote directly at Flirc from a short distance. It has a very sensitive sensor and doing that you'll cause your recorded signal to be malformed and may not work reliably in normal operation (when connected to Fire TV). One of the best ways to properly record a button is to point the remote in a different direction (for example at the ceiling), so the Flirc receives a signal that bounced off something instead of a direct one. In normal operation Flirc should be able to see the remote's signals even without a direct line of sight (mine is behind a TV hanging on a wall).

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