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I need an easy way to exit Kodi automatically while switching off the TV. Family members switch off the TV with the remote but forget to exit Kodi. This eats up my daily GB allowance whic would normally be sufficient (but not for a full night fetching data!). Ideally the shutoff button of my TV should exit the Kodi on the Raspberry Pi app. But in the Flirc setup I can't find a way to map that (only the arrow, select etc as in the minimalist controller). My remote is a Samsung BN59-00684B.

I though of other options, such as setting the sleep timer in Kodi or using a standby killer (disconnects power from TV and RP upon standby, this requires reboot of RP at start), but tehes are not so elegant. Is there a profile of my Samsung remote that I can load in the Flirc and whose buttons I can assign dedicated Kodi commands?

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My first thought is that this is something that you'd want to take up with the operating system/Kodi on your Raspberry and make use of the in-built CEC capabilities instead of trying to duplicate the behavior with your Flirc. 

Have you tried to map the TV power button to the power-down keystrokes in Kodi?

This is probably a "different angle" to take... but how about limiting the amount of data fetching that Kodi does, or if your router will do it, disable the Kodi box between the hours when you and the family are sleeping or at work, etc. so that none of that goes on endlessly.

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