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Flirc Raspberry Pi 3 Case with Odroid C2


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I don't think you can. At least not without modifications. Odroid is powered through a different port, for which you would need to drill a hole in the case. The case also works as a radiator for CPU, but Odroid has it's own radiator which makes it impossible fit it in the case. You would need to either remove the Odroid radiator block (but the radiator pole in the case probably won't be in a correct location for the CPU) or cut out the radiator pole from the case.

Both modifications are probably not that hard to do, but you would need to do them on your own risk.

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Hi... in my case it is for an rpi3 but I have used it for a C2 for about a year now. There are some minor modifications that I did to make everything fit, but the beauty of it is there are no screws. The top pops off by pressing on a tab and the board itself pops out by pulling on a tab. Very well designed I think.

turnkey pcb

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