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Flirc USB (2. Gen) and Harmony Ultimate with Kodi

John McClane

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today I received my new Flirc USB.

My setup is a PC with Windows 10 and a Harmoy Ultimate with the smart hub.

I added the Flirc / Kodi device to my Harmony Account and created a new activity, containing my TV and the Flirc/Kodi device.

A closer look to the created activity showed, that only the TV is part of the Activity Start and Activity End sequence in the harmony software.

So i tried to add command manually. If I have understood things correct, to turn on the PC with the Flirc USB, I just have to send any command that is predefined in the flirc profile. So I added the "STOP" command.

To the End sequence I wanted to add the Power Off command, which is part of the Flirc Profile in the Harmony software. But this command is not available for adding it to the end sequence.


If I go the device itself in the harmony software a PowerOff Command is predefined and already assinged to the remote, but it is not available to the activity start or end sequence,


Kind regards

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