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Libreelec vs Win10 - harmony


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there is a strange bug with the volume +/- buttons in Win10 , all works fine under Libreelec 8. Remote is Harmony 350 and V2 Flirc. Standard Flirc/Kodi setup in MyHarmony.

When i try to map the volume buttons in Win10 GUI  (latest firmware) under Kodi remote both of +/- are responding as volume up, green blink on volume up for both buttons. Win Kodi is also responding in same manner with volume up on both buttons. On same PC I have dualboot with Libreelec and without changing any config the +/- volume buttons works fine in Kodi under LE8. 

As the fault is clearly visible in latest Flirc GUI i assume it has to with the windows driver. 

How to proceed?


/ Freelance

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It's an issue with the keyboard layout you use on Windows. It seems that you use your local keyboard layout on Windows, but at the same time you use an US QWERTY (or compatible) layout on LE8.

The issue comes from the fact, that Flirc GUI knows only one kb layout: US QWERTY. Because of that there's a problem if you use a layout which is incompatible with it (e.g. you need to press a different key or combination to get the same symbol as on US QWERTY). Flirc hardware only knows standard HID codes which are always the same depending on the physical position of the key on the keyboard (this doesn't depend on the layout). When you press a key on the keyboard, the operating system receives the HID code and maps it to a key code (the code that is assigned to a specific symbol or function) depending on the selected keyboard layout in the system itself.

To solve your issue, you need to do two things:

  1. Set the kb layout to be the same on both systems. You would probably still want to use your local layout (as you probably also have a hardware keyboard with that layout printed on the keys) which you use on Windows. Then you should also use the same layout on LE8. I can't tell you how to change it because I don't use LE8.
  2. You need to change the way you record your keys. Look at your hardware keyboard you have connected to your PC. Find how to get the minus sign on it (which key or key combination you need to press to print "-"). Then open Flirc GUI, go to Controllers -> Full Keyboad, but instead of pressing a button in the GUI which has a minus symbol on it, press the same key or key combination you use on your hardware keyboard by the keys' position on it. So if on your hardware keyboard the minus sign is right next to the right shift, then in the GUI, to record the minus sign, you need to also press a key right next to the right shift (in GUI its "/" and "?" key). You need to do the same for other symbols that are not achieved in the same way as on the US QWERTY keyboard. There should be no problem with symbols which are the same as on the US QWERTY.

There's a plan to add support for different keyboard layouts to the GUI, but that unfortunately requires a full rewrite of the app and probably won't happen that fast.

If you have more questions related to this problem don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to help you the best I can.

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