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Issue With Full Keyboard as a Controller


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If I map the play button on my remote to eg. space on the keyboard in flirc, it does work fine. However, if I press forward or stop or a number of other buttons on the remote I will also get space even though I have not mapped any of them. When I erase one of them, eg. backwards, the play button gets erased as well.

I would be really grateful for some advice, and I do apologize if I am overlooking something obvious, I did some reading here on the forum but haven't really managed to solve my issue. I did try different remotes (from different tv's, audio systems and some of them through logitech harmony). I am running Windows 10.

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Thank you, I managed to solve my issue, however, my first try of reinstalling the app was unsuccessful. After it, I unplugged the flirc usb ir and uninstalled the app. I then installed the app again. I started the app and then plugged in the usb. I also plugged it in without using a usb extension cord for razer headphones which I used initially to get the ir in line of sight. Everything works great now and I do not have an issue with ir line of sight. Thank you very much! I will paste my reply in the thread you linked in case someone finds it helpful as it is also a new thread.

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Yeah. Flirc has a really good sensitivity and doesn't need to be in a direct line of sight :). In my setup, I have RPi 3 with Flirc mounted behind my TV (which is hanging on the wall). There's no direct line of sight at all but remote works with 100% accuracy. This is true for both old and new Flirc.

Thanks for posting a solution to your issues.

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