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Old Flirc config dump to New Flirc?


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Currently using GUI 2.0.3.  I have an old flirc and I would like to dump the config and load it on my shiny new flirc.

A. - Is this even possible?  When I tried it only perhaps 2-3 of the buttons out of 46 actually mapped on the new flirc.

B. - If not, are there plans for any kind of conversion utility?

The remotes I am using are old DirecTV RC66.  They are wonderful for use with the Flirc BTW.

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I don't think it's possible right now. The structure of the configuration differs a lot between old and new Flirc. It's possible there will be some conversion possibility in the future but I think it would still be better to start fresh. New Flirc handles key repeats better by detecting delay between signal repeats and saving that together with button data. The conversion from old config won't be able to figure out that value because you need original IR signal from the remote during recording of keys. It would need to use some default value which would work with some remotes but wouldn't with others.

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