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Logitech Harmony + Kodi + Flirc


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Hello All,

I have just purchased a USB Flirc device after building a gaming / HTPC. I also have a logitech harmony remote.

I've read the numerous guides online but falling short on a complete setup, (I used a Intel NUC with Kodi previously and all worked flawsly)

In short i have added a "Flirc MCE Keyboard" into the logitech devices, this is becuase i want to be able to start kodi from windows, not just control Kodi. I have then configured the flirc GUI but some hard buttons do not work for example i want to map the back button on the remote to backspace on the keyboard, however, the gui never registers the keystroke?

To start kodi for example, i would like to start a sequence of "start > K > O > D > I > Enter" for example, any known issues with hard buttons not working?


Thanks, Regards



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