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The New Flirc doesn't work: "Button already exists"


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@dharrah the remote seems to be programmable. When you switch to one of the non-DirecTV modes you should be able to reprogram the remote to use with different manufacturers and models. You should've got instructions and setup codes in some kind of user manual with the remote. Try programming different setup codes in different modes to find one that works best for you.

If you don't have your user manual, then you can download this one:

If you don't have a Samsung TV then first try Samsung TV codes. If you have a Samsung TV then try an LG for example. Also Panasonic TV codes are said to be working well with Flirc.

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Looking at the output of the Comcast remotes with a Promixis PIR-1, it looks like they output several codes to be backwards compatible perhaps with older Comcast set-tops?  I was just trying to do Nvidia Shield integration with an existing Crestron controller that was using the "Xfinity XR2 Remote" codes and so it wouldn't work.  I replaced the Crestron IR output it with a legacy Sony DSS device (SAT-B1) that I knew would not be duplicated anywhere in the system and it works fine in the Crestron -> Flicrc -> Shield integration... 

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