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apt.flirc.tv/arch/x64/binary/flirc-1.2.6-2.x86_64.rpm hamful!


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Using Fedora 24 -

I went to install the tool over the weekend, and went for the RPMs, I eventually noticed the RPM was quite out of date and grabbed the static packages and I went to remove the RPM I installed, only to find that the RPM was poorly constructed.

Uninstalling this rpm can destroy your system. It at minimum deleted my entire /lib directory! I'm pretty sure the issue is how you've defined items in the %files section in the spec file for your source rpm. In there you've defined control over /lib, and when you go to uninstall this package, it will delete the entire /lib directory, obviously extremely destructive. Please remove this RPM from your downloads as it is extremely harmful. Whomever made this RPM does not understand the consequences of how things are defined in there and should resolve this issue asap.

In your %files section of the spec file, define specific files, and not complete directories.

Seriously not happy that this RPM would force me to reinstall my entire system due to the damage it caused.

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Just saw this post in another section that is over a year old! http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/1888-flirc-64-bit-rpm-removal-deletes-file-system/

It is irresponsible to leave those bad RPMs on the site for people to download - they need to be fixed.

Why is the code for that closed? Why not open source it so we can compile it ourselves, its hardly the case a product like this need to have it closed strictly - please release the code so that users can properly configure the devices that they have paid for.

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