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Use Flirc+IR instead of LG Bluetooth remote


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Hello All, 

I want to use flirc to bypass my LG bluetooth remote control. 

What I've done : I tried to pair the IR remote I want to use with the flirc models that are the closest to my LG remote control : I tried The Kodi and Windows Media one. 

Then I connect the Flirc to my Set top box and send the IR codes to the flirc. 

My problem is : Some keys are ok and working, but not all.

I still have some buttons on my LG remote control that I'm not able to reproduce using the flirc models. 


Is there any way to customize the outputs buttons on the models ?

Or should I use another model with more options like the full keyboard for eg  ?

The issue is I won't know exactly how each key is going to be interpreted on my set top box.. 


Any help is appreciated, 





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If you want to control anything with Flirc, you first need to know if and how your device supports being controlled with USB keyboard. Flirc is "just" that. It works by emulating USB HID keyboard.

What you should do is connect a normal USB PC keyboard (preferably a standard QWERTY one) to your set top box and look for all interesting keyboard shortcuts and combinations (with alt/ctrl/shift etc) and note them down. Then you can start configuring Flirc from the notes you've taken using Full keyboard controller in Flirc GUI.

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