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Just record a remote button for letter C in Flirc GUI. Also new version of Kodi (I think from 16.1 or 16.2) recognizes a long press on OK/Enter button as a context menu key (equivalent to pressing C).

You can find more about keyboard shortcuts in Kodi on Kodi wiki pages.

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Sorry, I don't know OpenElec, as I'm using OSMC myself. They are more up to date with the Kodi release cycle. Also OSMC is based on Debian/Raspbian so they are using Debian package system as their update mechanism with is nicely integrated into the Kodi.

As for the issue with recording: you don't press anything on your physical keyboard to record a button. You need to click in the app on the key in the app. Just select Full Keyboard in Controllers main menu (don't worry, it doesn't matter that you are using it for Kodi - the Flirc itself doesn't store anything about selected controller at all). On Full Keyboard just click on C and then press the button on the remote you want to use as a context menu button.

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