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FLIRC with Harmony Elite (Numbers on Touchscreen)


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I have a Harmony Elite, which doesn't have dedicated number buttons.  I'm using a WD TV Live with the Slingplayer.

I've added my FLIRC to my Harmony profile, my plan was to manually map full keyboard shortcuts so I could get a 0-9 on the touchscreen since, for whatever reason, Harmony does not give me the number functions on the touchscreen.

However, FLIRC doesn't give me 0-9 in the Harmony options, it just lists "Aspect Ratio - Zoom Normal" which is the Kodi profile.

The way the Harmony works now, apparently you can only slide things over to the touchscreen that are in the list.  Is there a "full keyboard" FLIRC profile on Harmony?

I could "teach" the FLIRC the commands but I have no way of getting the 0-9 on the touchscreen it seems unless I can get a FLIRC profile that lists them as well.


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