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Xbox one to control fire tv


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I have no clue if this is possible.'

i have an xbox one. I will be using a fire tv to run slingplayer throught the xbox one? Why you ask? Cause i want to use snap function, watch tv while playing games etc.

xbox one can control many different tvs and cable boxes via 4 digit codes.

would it be possible to provide the xbox a 4 digit code to control the flirc on a fire tv? 

For instance, i use the tv listings on xbox one, i pick a show that i like, i tell it to go to that channel, the xbox one sends a number to the fire tv while in slingplayer app , and the slingplayer goes to that channel. 




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Should be possible but you need to do some preparations.

First you need do some checks:
- Connect an USB keyboard to FireTV and do some tests. Can you control the SlingPlayer from the keyboard? Can you directly enter a channel number using number keys on the keyboard?
- Can you send single button presses from the XBOne IR blaster? For example, can you force it to send a press for 1, 2, 3 etc separately?

Both answers need to be yes.

On the XBOne side you should enter a 4-digit code that's not assigned to any of your real devices - you probably don't want a situation where you XBOne control both devices at once. You'll probably need to do some tests. Enter some code, test how it works with Flirc and if it's not well enough then format Flirc and select different code.

Connect Flirc to your PC and launch Flirc GUI. In GUI select Keyboard controller. Press key 1 in the GUI and send a button press for 1 from XBOne. Then repeat for other keys.

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