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I am starting to setup flirc and a harmony 650 remote.   I have the flirc software installed and have gone to myharmony and setup the remote (new device (flirc and XBMC)).  When I setup the remote, and the new device (oh, also updated the firmware).  I am stopped until I can get some of these questions answered as I don't want to screw anything up (I am VERY good at screwing stuff up <G>)

The inference was that once I had done all of that everything was good to go.  I have also read about configuration files that are available for the remote. 

My first question is do I need to download and put a configuration file in a folder that the remote can deal with or am I done?  I have also downloaded a list of commands (what button does what).  I am not sure if its the latest but I do see that one command was missing (sending 't' to see when something being watched, ends). 

I also have question(s) about how I deal with different machine.  My wife has a windows machine which is the only windows machine we have.  I run with ubuntu (linux).  My problem is simple, I can't use my wife's machine to continue setting stuff up and I think I can just hook everything up to one of my other machines and just start checking and setting up and then move everything to the actual machine that will be running xbmc/kodi  (have have a computer hooked to my tv that runs xbmc/kodi on my tv). 

Then there is the harmony 650.  This was initially setup to control a system with a samsung television.  So, when I printed out the setup stuff it told me that when a specific harmony key was pressed x was sent to the flirc/system.  What was interesting about the list is that it listed not only the flirc key command but the samsung (tv I think) commands sent to the samsung tv.  My suspicion is that I should delete the samsung tv from the harmony 650 but thought I had better ask the question.

Thank you ..........................







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