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Hello all!

ok so you guessed it I'm a newb lol

ok so what I have

i have a Samsung smart tv

i have an Aris cable box and a Samsung sound bar.

and I have a Amazon Fire tv cheap version I honk it's the first one and its jail broken with Kodi 

i have a time warner cable remote that works with my tv and cable but not my sound bar

i just bought a rca universal remote that works with the tv and cable but it didn't register the sound bar so I had it learn to turn it in and off and the volume. How do I set up Flirc to work with the time warner remote and the Soundbar  and the fire stick or the rca remote to work with the fire stick ?

The rca remote is getting annoying bc it doesn't let me change the type from tv to cable to sound bar. Each time I press the appropriate device it turns it off. An example is if I'm using the cable control and I want to use my tv feature to change the hdmi input I need to press tv but it turns it off then when I turn it on it can change to the input , if I decide to watch cable I press cable and it turns it off and when I put it back on I control cable..... If I can control the Amazon Fire tv il just deal with it.  Thank you in advance 

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To control Flirc you need to set up additional device on your remote. Basically you should have a separate device set up on remote for each hardware device you have: 1 - TV, 2 - CableBox, 3 - SoundBar, 4 - Flirc.

I don't know RCA remotes at all (and you haven't provided model of the remote) so I can't tell you how many devices is your remote capable of controlling at the same time.

If you don't like the RCA remote here's one I would like to recommend to you:

With default firmware this remote is capable of controlling up to 4 devices. There's also a community created extended firmware for this remote (installed really easy, doesn't require any special hardware and there's no risk of breaking the remote) that extends the remote with the ability to control up to 12 devices and many other advanced features (like the shift button, long press macros etc). There's also a community created application that you can run on your PC to fully configure the remote using USB cable.

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Quote:  "I have a Amazon Fire tv cheap version....How do I set up Flirc to work with the time warner remote and the Soundbar  and the fire stick or the rca remote to work with the fire stick ?"   So do you have a FireTV 1st generation box or a FireTV stick?  If the FireTV box, then after you program the Flirc you'll plug it into the USB on the back.  if the stick, I don't think you'll be able to make it work from what I've read. 

Note that the Flirc "translates" commands from your remote to keyboard presses (which presses are determined by the programming you do), so the Flirc won't control your Soundbar, regardless of which remote you use (unless I'm way off base and your unnamed soundbar actually is controlled by a USB keyboard)..

Quote "The rca remote is getting annoying...Each time I press the appropriate device it turns it off"  That's just not normal behavior.  I'd reset it and start from scratch. Regardless of which remote you settle on, they should all have a volume punch through feature you should utilize.

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