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FLIRC, Chromebox, Kodi, and my URC-8910


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Ok, thanks to the hifi-remote.com forum, I have multiple One4All URC-8910s all customized via JP1 for my living room and bedroom (TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Yamaha receiver, Projector, etc.).
But I want to replace my aging first generation Apple TVs (running XBMC on Crystalbuntu) with modern Chromeboxes (running Kodi on Kodibuntu).

At first I just plugged in my Ortek IR receiver and used the JP1 profile, but as anyone who has done that knows, there are some keys that don't map correctly. The "Info" key only works as a right-click, etc.

So I bought a FLIRC, and programmed it, and I got it to work for every key and function I needed. Huzzzah!

Except, when I hold the arrow keys down, they don't repeat to scroll through selections (e.g. Movies or TV episodes).

I tried the inter-key delay in FLIRC, every setting from 0-6, and none of it made a difference.

Then I tried programming it with different codes than the Ortek (the original RCA DVD code that the Xbox used, a basic Panasonic VCR code since I don't have any other devices from that brand), and while they would repeat for a scroll, either it was unreliable, or it caused issues with other keys not sending every time, or the opposite and other keys sent a double press too quickly.

As I said, the Ortek code worked great except for the non key repeat. I know there are issues with repeat and non-repeat, but has anyone fixed this for the Ortek (or have a good known remote for using to control Kodi under Kodibuntu/Ubuntu)?

Thanks for any help.

(Feel free to move this post to a different subforum if this isn't the correct one.)

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I'm using some Samsung TV setup code on my OFA URC-6440 and I don't have any issues with key repeat or double press. It uses NECx2 protocol with device id 7 and sub device id 7. The setup code for the device (in case of my remote, I don't know if all OFA remotes share the same code book) is 2051.

You can also use RemoteMaster and create your own device upgrade. Use NECx2 (I've had the best experience with this one) and enter some custom device and sub device IDs so it doesn't collide with your other equipment (check other device upgrades you use in RemoteMaster if they also use NECx2 and if they do what device/sub device IDs they use).

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