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How to configure multiple functions on a single key


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Sorry if duplicate since i tried searching and didnt get anything.

So i got a Flirc receiver, added to my Rpi with OpenElec and configured with Apple 3 remote. So far all good! Perfect.

Now all i need is how do i have multi functions, example long press Menu can be right click on Kodi. Or double click the center button can do something. How do i configure this?

There is something about virtual keys on the setup instruction. I was not able to understand or create that. 


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The Flirc itself doesn't have such ability. But newest Kodi now implements long press. I've tested it with Flirc on my OSMC installation without changing anything before and using the OK button on the remote when I hold it for few seconds when on the list I get the context menu on the list item. I don't know what Kodi version is used in OpenElec, maybe you need to check for updates if you still don't have long press support in Kodi.

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