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Logitech Harmony 300 - Home Button Missed for Kodi


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Home button:  Not sure I understand what you're asking. Are you referring to this?


As for "There is also no buttons for language list for media," while "L" will toggle through subtitle languages and you can toggle through audio tracks using keyboard.xml, I'm not aware of any way to get Kodi to show you an actual listing of the subtitles/audio tracks. 

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That's the button I was referring to in my post (not sure why my pic isn't showing up now).  Are you saying that after setting up the Harmony 300 with the Logitech software (I'm assuming you chose the Flirc profile)  that there isn't a button on the remote for "Home"?  If that's the case (sorry, I have a 650 so can't see what buttons/functions Logitech assigns), then you'll have to go into the harmony software and manually assign or learn a command from another remote (so that the Harmony sends a unique IR signal when you press the yellow button), and then in the Flirc interface assign the newly learned yellow button to the Kodi home key in the picture above. 

I hope that helps. 

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