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Problem: How to reveal hidden FireTV menu with Harmony 650


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Hi folks

Recently purchased a Flirc USB device to enable me to pair my 2nd Generation FireTV Box with my Logitech Harmony 650 remote.

By trawling this forum I have been able to replicate all the FireTV remote commands bar one.

With the FireTV remote, an extended press on the Home button reveals a hidden menu. This menu displays the current time and three on screen buttons. These buttons select Sleep, Mirroring and Settings respectively. A long press on the corresponding Home button on the Logitech 650 remote does not reveal this menu.

Has any forum member managed to mimic the long Home press command of the FireTV remote using the Flirc app? I would appreciate help with this problem.

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Solution: How to reveal hidden FireTV menu with Harmony 650

Hi folks

Using a USB wireless keyboard connected to the Fire TV I have managed to find a solution which will reveal the hidden menu. The required combination in the Flirc app 'Full Keyboard' option is: Left-Windows key and F12 key. This combination should be recorded to the appropriate key on the remote in the usual way.

The hidden menu is then revealed with an extended press on the remote key.

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I have a harmony 650 and a harmony one,the 650 i use with a sony tv and 2nd gen fire tv.I am able to access the sub menu by holding down the     

menu button and with the exit button also.Setup for the 650 is as follows.devices/flirc/kodi.I then mapped sony tv menu to the 650 menu button then kodi

zoom + to the 650 info button this is for the options on fire tv .then kodi zoom level 1 to the 650 return button.The rest of the buttons were pre-mapped

(directional,rewind.etc)I also mapped the kodi power off to 650 exit button.this also brings up the sub menu.I first tried mapping the kodi zoom - to the

650 menu button,didn't work,but heres the  thing the sony remote actually controlled everything on the fire tv except the options button so every tv might be different.My harmony one is the same except i had to use the kodi zoom - for the menu and the power off to the exit button to bring up the sub menu.The flirc i used the fire tv profile and in the advanced settings  delay on 7 and the noise thing is checked.I hope this helps someone as this took me about a week of trial and error.

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