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how to enter scan code to flirc?


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i need help with converting keybord key set scan code into the flirc. i try to search the answer on the internet ,but i didnt find it. 

by searching the web i found out that the require operation is by the combination fn+F7 (SCAN CODE 165) .

on android that should do the home key combnation better then alt+esc.

 how i attach it to flirc?

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Flirc doesn't operate on scan codes, but on HID codes for keyboard and consumer tables (consumer table is currently limited to 1 byte only, so codes only up to 255 - some specific codes above 255 are also supported by other means), because Flirc is a HID device. HID keyboards know nothing about scan codes.

Scan codes are generated from received HID codes by the operating system according to keyboard layout settings (for keyboard table) or other drivers (for multimedia/consumer table).

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