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In case anybody is searching for a usb-extender to place the flirc-device next to his hi-fi-devices I recommend the Logitech USB-Extender wich comes with many of their keyboards and mice.

Maybe you recently purchened a Logitech device and still got the extender in the packing, like I did. :)

The benefit of this extender is the foot wich holds the flirc-device slightly up and gives it a good stand



http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/349/4872 (search for "PN 993-000293")

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While that is nice if all you're using is the Flirc for a remote, I suggest a:


attached to the end of that extender. Or if you can find one with a long cord to begin with. Because if you're like me then you have other crap plugged into their as well. I have a Bluetooth radio for a PS3 controller with MotionJoy, and 2 bluetooth sticks for Logitech gamepads because Motionjoy is really wonky, and then I have the Flirc in there.


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