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Random suspend key press


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I have 3 flirc devices installed for about a year and had no problems until about a couple of weeks ago when two of them began sending the suspend key to my MythTV Front End randomly. It might be once every 2-3 days or it might happen several times in one day but it is always the suspend key, no others.


I plugged one flirc units into my Ubuntu workstation and ran the flirc GUI, which prompted me to upgrade the firmware. Before I upgraded the firmware I saved the configuration just in case the upgrade destroyed the keys I had installed, which it did. After confirming that nothing worked I loaded the configuration back into the flirc but nothing changed. Nothing works. I re-saved the configuration to a new file name and compared the two files. They are identical.


How do I get the unit working with the new firmware?

Is there a chance that the firmware upgrade could have fixed the random suspend key problem?


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