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Harmony One cannot turn on/off PC


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So I've tried to get my Harmnoy One to turn m htpc on/off, but to no avail.

I've gone to the settings of Flirc and checked the "Sleep detection", and I programed a button for the "Wake", but nothing happens.

What I would want is for it to start up when I choose my " Watch Movies" Profile that I have programed into the remote, and turn off when I press the power button at the top of the remote.

This has works with all other devices.

How can i get windows to turn off with a command, and make the pc start up from a turned off state?

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Do you want to wake the computer from the sleep/hibernation or turn it on from the shutdown state?

With the Flirc USB you can wake the computer but not turn it on. The USB ports simply don't provide such functionality.

For wake to work you have to be sure that power management settings in the system allow waking the computer from an USB device.

You can turn on the computer from shutdown state with Flirc SE model which is designed to be built into the PC case (it's compatible with Streacom cases by default, for others you need to do some modifications of the case). The Flirc SE has extra connectors you connect to the motherboard in place of the button on the case.

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I have the Streacom edition, forgot to say that.

I want to start it from a S5 state, that is to say a shut down. 

Do you mean in the bios settings or Windows power settings?

The thing is, I'm not really sure what command it should give windows to shut down and start 

I can always turn of the system from Kodi through the menu, but the start up of the pc is what I'm looking for primarily.

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OK, if you have SE then you don't need to look for power management settings in Windows. The "wake" button in GUI is for wake up functionality and is independent of the power up.

Please look here http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/2032-using-flirc-se-for-power-onoff-in-custom-pc-build/

Everything is described in that thread. You should also upgrade the firmware first as there were some changes and fixes in the power up function.

For the power button to work you also need to be sure that the Flirc SE is getting +5 volts from the internal USB port it's connected to when the system is in S5 state.

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  • 9 months later...

Hello Guys,


This is Levente from Hungary,


i purchased the usb Flirc and i would like to use it with the Streacom F8evo case,

i have similar issue with the power toggle button on my Harmony Ultimate remote,

for me is ok to just put the pc in sleep and then wake it up,


can anyone help me with proper solution for this??

previously i used an Origen case and with is vdf IR receiver it was functioning perfect,


i would like to achieve the same with the Streacom case if possible,


Thank you in advance for your help,




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