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So I got everything working, but there is one thing I don't see how to get back to the main KODI page.  For instance, if I am browsing my media and I am in Movies > Movie Title > Movie Info, how can I easily get back to KODI's home screen aside from hitting the back button 3 times?  I have tried the ESC and BACKSPACE buttons, but they seem to do the same thing; one menu previous.  I have also installed the Keymapping Add-On in KODI but not sure what area I should be looking at to remap a button to.  Any ideas?

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I have Firestarter installed on my FireTV and I've set it to go to Kodi when the Amazon "home" button is pressed once (and to FTV's actual home screen when double pressed). 

I used this work around because I don't know of a keyboard control to go straight to main Kodi page.  If anyone knows how to do this with a keyboard (other than multiple hits on the esc or backslash keys  ;-)  then you could assign off the full keyboard interface and eliminate Firestarter.

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Hmmm, OK, so I either lied or something changed--Kodi started acting buggy after updating to 15.2 so last week I wiped everything and pushed firmware 51.16.3_516012020 (rooted 1st gen FTV box)..  Clean install of Firestarter 3.2.1 and Kodi 15.2.   Now when in Kodi if i hit the Home button once, I get the FTV shortcut screen with the time and below that the options of Sleep, Mirroring, & Settings.  Not what I recall every happening before. I do NOT have the clear cache option checked. 

However, if I hit the esc key, it does take me to the home screen.  Backspace and the FTV return key just move me back up one level/click.  Maybe double check with a keyboard, just to be sure?  I was having all kinds of problems with the "L" I had assigned to my remote, the keyboard check showed me I had inadvertently assigned an "H".  D'oh!



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