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IR keyboard not all keys work


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I have a "SWK-8695WS FREEBOARD KEYBOARD" IR keyboard, The company that sold them in Sweden was called "Boxer".

About 1 key out of 7 is giving me the "button already exist" error from Flirc setup program. Why is that? I mean doesn't an IR signal have to be unique for every button so the receiver don't get confused? Or are there other ways of sending the keys? I also have a problem of assigning the shift, windows, ctrl and alt keys. It seams that on this keyboard they have there own IR signal. When Flirc asks me to press shift and another key for example "shift+k", I can never press shift and the k button simultaneously, Flirc will register only one of the buttons not both at the same time.

I tried what several post on the forums suggested and aimed the keyboard away from the receiver with nu luck and also tried the few different settings that I could change.

Is there a possibility that this will work in the future?

Will there be an easy way of setting up other keyboard languages than English in the future?

The keyboard also has buttons and a joystick for the mouse, is that something that could work in the future?

Best of thanks/ Peter



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There's a really great number of different IR control schemes out there. They may differ in a carrier frequency, modulation schemes and data encoding schemes. It's hard to tell what exact combination this keyboard uses. You would need to have an IR receiver that can capture raw IR signal to a file and then analyze the signal with an IR remote control analysis software. If it's one of the standard RC protocols known by the software used then it should give you some details what it is exactly.

Flirc uses an IR receiver tuned to about 38kHz carrier frequency because most remote controls are using frequencies like this. It can receive some frequencies around 38kHz but not very far from it. I think that when the receiver get a signal with a frequency that is much higher than the 38kHz then it won't be able to fetch all the raw data and some bits may be lost. If the difference between two signals is in the bits that are lost then these two signals would be recognized by Flirc as one signal. This is just my theory and the reason may be also different.

Now regarding the issue with modifier keys (shift, alt etc) I don't think there's currently a way to fully use this keyboard (besides the "key already exists" issue). This would need to by analyzed (like I described in the beginning of this post). I wonder how the keyboard encodes information about multiple keys pressed at the same time. I think the control scheme used may be too complicated for Flirc's logic (which is rather simple: one remote code -> one key combination). Also I don't think that a future firmware upgrade would solve these issues.

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