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Hi jorobe,

That's odd. I wasn't able to find a manual online - though it pops up in LIRC type forums so I guess that proves it IR.

You're right, no-one appears to have reported anything relating to Creative remotes. Hopefully we can get it to work.

Could you elaborate on what you've tried?

Does Flirc work with any remote you have (could you try a TV one) - just to check Flirc is working?

Does it have fresh/full batteries in?

Pleasant regards


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I have an original xbox remote, but I experienced the problems already reported with that remote. I have some media buttons on my tv remote that work fine and I've also got hold of an old liteon remote that is working very well.

The remote takes the watch style battery and I have no other device that takes those batteries, but I tested the battery with a volt tester and it showed 2.95v, but I don't have anything that can detect that the ir led is actually lighting up.

The flirc simply doesn't seem to see it, I click on the button in the software and it says to press the button to be paired with, but pressing buttons on the remote shows no reponse.

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Hmm, it is really strange that Flirc isn't getting anything.

When I google-d your remote it kept displaying stuff about the receiver (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/412/entertainmentcenterupgr.jpg/).

Have you still got the receiver and can you verify that the remote is working using that receiver?

I appreciate what you've established that it is sending IR but I want to check that the IR it's sending not just random broken signals. Basically I just want to verify as much as possible that the remote is functioning 100%. Then we can definitely place the fault squarely on Flirc.

Sorry the set-up isn't going 100% smoothly,

Pleasant regards,


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