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I got windows7, fedora22 and rasberry/rasbpian and FLIRC dongle. No matter what I do, it does not do the job. May be it is just broken. The problem is FLIRC seems to buffer keys so when (for example) I press "up", it does nothing at all, then I press "up" again and the cursor jumps twice, "up" again - nothing, "up" again - jumps twice.


The remote is "Harmony 350", works fine with TV and receiver, I chose "windows media player/kodi" on it and then taught FLIRC using its software on Windows.


Any idea how to disable this buffering?


The FLIRC firmware is the latest. Linux tool does not want to work with it - "/usr/bin/Flirc"  says unsupported firmware. /flirc_util detects the doungle though:


[aik@aik bin]$ sudo ./flirc_util version
[E] determine_iface(109): version not supported, loading def: ver1
flirc_util version v1.2.6 [v1.2.6]
  Firmware: v3.6

Ideally I want to put it to my raspberry pi2 and be able to do the configuration there too or at least on fedora22.

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