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LG 47LW650T remote


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Hi there


I'm about to buy a Flirc adapter for use with a HP 260 G1


However, I wanted to use it like I currently use CEC on my RPI... by setting up my TV remote to control the box.


I've now been told on the Kodi forum this might be a problem as the LG remote will throw out commands that the TV will try to respond to at the same time as the HP and cause issues.


I have this remote http://www.amazon.co.uk/GENUINE-CONTROL-42LW650T-47LW650T-55LW650T/dp/B005TUA5FG


And all I want to use it for is directional buttons, OK and if possible the stop/rewind/play etc buttons at the bottom.


Does anyone know if this will work for me?


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People at Kodi forum are right. If you use a remote for your current TV and map its keys in Flirc, then every time you press a button on the remote then both Flirc AND your TV will react. For example, when you are watching TV and press a directional button (for example if you are in the TV main menu) then Kodi will also receive the presses from directional buttons. If you press OK then you'll select an option on both devices.


Unfortunately LG remotes don't have universal remote functionality where you can control another device. I would strongly suggest getting some universal remote. You can go for Logitech Harmony but in my opinion they are overpriced. I'm using One-For-All Simple4 remote (URC-6440) and I'm satisfied.

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on my LG TV (2011 and 2013 smart models) when I switch to HDMI input the up, down, left, right, OK, play, stop FF and RW buttons do nothing on the TV so I can use these for the Flirc.  I hope that helps.


However on my LG 2010 the up, down, left, right are ok but the OK is used by the tv so I had to choose another button for ok which can be confusing for the kids.

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