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I've updated my Logitech Harmony to the latest Flirc Kodi device, and I've also upgraded to firmware 3.6.


However, I've noticed a few things using logkeys


Pressing the following keys:


MENU  - Nothing, expecting 'M' or 'C'

STOP  - <BackSp>, should be 'X'

PLAY  - <Enter>, should be 'P' or <SpaceBar>

PAUSE - <E-a6>, should be <SpaceBar>


FORWARD   - <E-d0>

SKIP FWD  - <E-a6>


REWIND    - <E-a8>

SEEK BACK - <E-a5>


Ch/Pg UP   - <E-a3>

Ch/Pg DOWN - <E-a5>


Anyway, point is, the keys don't seem to be issuing the proper command corresponding to Kodi. Any idea how to fix this? I tried manually remapping the keys, and that doesn't seem to help/work properly. It's also registering double-keypresses, maybe because I set the Inter-Key delay to 0.

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I don't remember having to do this, but went into the Harmony profile and re-assigned the keys. Still wasn't behaving properly, so I just went ahead and recorded all the keys:


  flirc_util version v1.3.6 [v1.3.6]

  Firmware: v3.6 [31893BB7]
  sleep detection:  Enabled
  noise canceler:   Disabled
  inter-key delay:  5
  seq. modifiers:   Disabled
  state:            3
  builtin profiles: Disable
Memory Info:
  keys recorded:  27
  keys remaining: 142
  memory used:   19%
Recorded Keys:
Index  hash        key
-----  ---------   ---
    0  314FE3DA    x
    1  CBD72E1A    backspace
    2  30CD805A    space
    3  A0AB871A    up
    4  CB58A141    down
    5  5DB54866    left
    6  5DB5670D    right
    7  CB58A05A    enter
    8  B0FFA381    .
    9  B0FFA29A    ,
   10  ECEAB63B    f
   11  C55ACF8E    r
   12  1EDDA9CE    i
   13  AD0E248D    c
   14  3B27A0CE    1
   15  41A41E01    2
   16  3B23CB0E    3
   17  41A02A81    4
   18  43807E0    5
   19  41A04841    6
   20  2AD3854E    7
   21  30D15701    8
   22  30D1561A    9
   23  3B27A1B5    0
   24  41A0299A    5
   25  5E37CA8D    pageup
   26  CB54CA9A    pagedown
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