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Alex Thailand

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I thought i'd drop you a quick line to thank you for a great product.  I have a MacBook Pro Retina which I use daily for presentations and was mightily pee'd off when Apple decided to remove the infrared.  Yes, I can still use Keynote remotely through my phone but holding a small brick looks nowhere near as good as the sleek silver Apple remote.  


I've been quietly sulking for the past year until I finally came across your wonderful little product.  It arrived today, took me two minutes to get it to work, and I'm still smiling a few hours later.


There's doubtless a small army of unfulfilled MBP retina users out there who are as sad and pathetic as I once was.  Take a few minutes to post your link on some of the forums.  Help them!  They need you!     ;-)


Thanks again.



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