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Problems Mapping MCE Keyboard with Harmony One


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Hi All,


Neat product, thanks for developing it.


I'm trying to use my Harmony One as a keyboard with FLIRC.  Harmony has a few keyboard devices, I'm using MCE as it has all the buttons already defined as virtual softkeys.


When I try to map those softkeys to the FLIRC Full Keyboard, most of the softkey letters seem to map to either A or B.  Example, I can map "A" to "A" but when I try to map the remote's "C"  FLIRC says that that button  already exists and is mapped to FLIRC "A"


I seem to be able to map another remote (arbitrarily chose a Panasonic TV) to the letters on the keyboard, but that is a whole more difficult mapping exercise to track that "Power Toggle" = "A" and "Input 7" = "B".  Doable, but hardly desirable.


Is there a FLIRC Keyboard profile in Harmony? 


Am I missing something or doing something obviously wrong?


Thanks for the help.



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