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FLIRC not responding after boot


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My FLIRC-SE sometimes does not respond after I start computer - even if i turned it on by remote.

It just ignores any button presses for few minutes, then magicaly starts responding and works fine.

Then if i dont use it for few hours and press any button, it responds to it and immediately lockes up again, staying non responsive for few minutes.


Its win 7 machine, FLIRC-SE, firmware 3.6.

USB selective suspend is disabled.

Motherboard is suplying it with power in S5.


Im starting to be a bit crazy over here, because i love the product - it just seems very unreliable.

Any help would be very appreciated...



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I've installed it to another PC connected to the same screen - same behavior. After boot or after waking the screen FLIRC gets stuck for few minutes. Keyboard and mouse work fine. I does not happen every time, but frequently enough to drive you crazy. When it stops responding:

- rebooting flirc via flirc_util.exe reboot command does not help

- if i try to record key via GUI, it records some random stuff immediately

- if i reboot the PC, it starts working OK

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update: I've narrowed it down to the screen comming out of standby. Specificaly when backlight is dimmed.

Now that I have completely silent PC, I've noticed that the screen is faintly buzzing when backlight is anything but maxed out.

So I tested it thoroughly with maxed backlight and viola - flirc is responding reliably even when i wake up the screen.

I've RMA'd the screen...so lets wait if they will be able to fix the buzzing and if it helps the flirc issue. Fingers crossed.

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update: SOLVED


My monitor is back, they were not able to fix it and it's no longer on the market, so i received newer model - and my issue is gone.

Now we won't be able to figure out if it was because that monitor was broken, or FLIRC does not like HP ZR30w.

Anyhow - it works perfectly with HP Z30i.


to mods: may i ask you to add "solved" to the topic name ? :)

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