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I would like to use a FLIRC as a input to a program that I have written on a Raspberry PI running raspbian.  I can see the device in DMESG but can not seem to find it in the /dev file system.  There is no output relating to FLIRC  with lsusb.  Has anyone used a FLIRC with a Raspberry Pi NOT using XBMC or the like?


Any help would be great!





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Follow up:


After lots of googleing and looking, the answers were here in front of me:  On a raspberry pi :


thd  (trigger happy daemon- I love the name) can be started to run on /dev/input/event0 (in my case) and trigger programs that will run (like socket UDP in my case).  See the man pages for thd


I could never get it to work as a keyboard, I must be missing something.....how is that done?


It works great!

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