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Flirc no registering Harmony "short" presses?!


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First off I love Flirc!  Used it for months with a Mac Mini XBMC setup I had going.  However I recently switched to using a Harmony Ultimate Remote and an Amazon Fire TV.  At first I couldn't get it to stop sending double keystrokes when it came to navigating.  I found using the full keyboard profile INSTEAD of the Amazon Fire TV profile (along with a few other settings) solved this.  


However I'm still having some difficulty getting everything to function properly.  I would say 90% of the time the Flirc doesn't recognize "short" presses from my Harmony remote.  It does register when I hold down the button for a longer period of time, but it's kind of annoying to have to do it that way.  Note that this only applies to non-navigation keys.


I've tried messing with the inter-key delay on both remotes but maybe I just haven't found the "sweet" spot.  Currently I believe my harmony is set to .1 and the Flirc is set to 3



Anyone had these issues?!

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I wonder if this is the same thing I'm experiencing.


I've recently purchased a flirc and have been trying to get it working to my liking. I noticed that it missed button presses on my Harmony 700, so I thought it might be the recognize every other key problem, but that's not it.


I noticed that when the remote "goes to sleep" / LCD turns off, and I press a key, that one is missed. My harmony lights up immediately and I see the little icon on it showing a key was pressed but flirc ignores it. Subsequent presses work. Harmony goes to sleep, press the key - missed, again and it works from there.


I tested other electronics - my tv / receiver and can see they pick up that initial key press no problem.


Can I help the flirc team debug this?


I'm using the latest toolbox / firmware, built in profiles and the flirc profile in the harmony software. I'm also using the latest OpenElec x86 distro - 5.0.7.

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