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dishnetwork remote 20.1 ir


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Using the dishnetwork remote 20.1 ir, and it is working great for me now.  I control the dishnetwork stb, television, soundbar, and kodi (xbmc) on amazon fire tv.


i tried to be lazy, in the beginning, by using the default code of '722' of the dish remote, on the dvd mode, because it activated (unlocked) all the buttons on the remote control for that mode.  The problem was that the remote would always transmit a different ir code to flirc, on every press.  I'm not sure why the remote control behaves this way; but I confirmed this strange behavior by using the flirc_util.exe utility.  I would use 'flirc_util.exe record 1', to learn the '1' key, and press the '1' button on the remote.  I then use the 'flirc_util.exe keys' to display the learned keys. I could 'record' the '1' key ten times, and flirc would record the same key 10 times with the same remote button, and record ten different hashes.


I gave up trying to use remote control code '722' and all its unlocked buttons.

I used code 869, and used the 'hybrid' learning mode of the remote control to record the 'inactive' buttons.

All buttons I wanted to use with the fire tv and kodi were recorded to flirc. flirc_util.exe was used to confirm the same ir code was being sent to the flirc consistently; trying to 'record' the same remote control button would result in "button already recorded", which is the result I was looking for, confirming the remote is sending the button ir code consistently.


Just took some extra work on my part (not much), but flirc is working GREAT!!!! now. 

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