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Issues with Flirc + Any remote


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Greetings all, I purchased a Flirc to use with my Rpi2 and Openelec using Kodi. Im having an issue assigning buttons (From my PC) with any remote. Ive tried multiple around the house, and they all do the same thing, I dont know what else to do.


When I start assigning keys, it all goes according to plan, recording successful. After I start adding more (probably around the 4th-6th key), Flirc will tell me the key was already assigned. So when I press the key to test it in the client, it will alternate between the button I assigned the key to, and a key I never did. For example:

Assigned Up, Down, Left, Right, and Enter. When I assign the next button, like P (for "play" in Kodi), it will tell me that the key was already assigned. So I start pressing buttons on the remote to see which key it was assigned to, and it claims that "Right" and "Play" are both assigned to my right button on the remote... 


This has happened with 3 different remotes that ive tested, so it cant just be a remote problem. I even went out and bought a brand new remote (A Philips SRP5107/27) and it does the same thing. I can assure you that no other keys are being pressed while im assigning buttons, my cell phone is turned off (I saw a thread which claimed that the IR blaster in the phone was sending signals), I did not have any issues installing the driver, Im using the newest client, and the firmware is updated to 3.6. I dont know what im doing wrong. Ive cleared the configuration and deleted keys multiple times. I understand that I can change the key delay, though im not sure what that would have to do with assigning an 2 different keys to one button by accident.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you pointing the remote directly at Flirc from short distance when recording? Because you shouldn't do that. Flirc is very sensitive and when the signal is too strong then strange things can happen. Try pointing the remote in different direction (for example at the ceiling) or keep the remote at least 1-2 meters (3-6 feet) away.


When you press the record button does the software wait for you to press a key or maybe it sometimes records something by itself? Flirc can be sensitive to IR noise from different sources like Plasma TV or certain types of lights.


Please write more about all remotes you've tried.

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It never assigns anything by itself, thats for sure. It always waits for me to input. I was fairly close, maybe around 2-3 feet when pressing buttons, but thinking it was my USB port, I moved it to behind the computer and was easily 4 feet away when entering buttons. I turned off all the lights, and even taped over a little LED on my USB port that signifies when its plugged in, same problem. The other remotes Ive tried are my Amazon Fire remote, a Comcast remote from back when I had cable, and a little HP MCE remote that I cant find the model of, but its the one from this kit: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Raspberry-Pi-2-or-Model-B-Infra-Red-IR-Module-Plus-MCE-Remote-Set-Kit-/331361070334?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d26a8acfe


All of them do the same thing. I made some progress last night, and with my Philips remote, I programmed it to read as a Dish Network remote, then started inputting keys, I got farther than ever with that one with only a few saying they were already assigned, but I left it the way it was and it seems to work ok. Does programming a universal remote to a certain manufacturer affect how it sends codes? Thanks for replying.

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Different manufacturers are using different IR protocols. Many protocols are using some very complex encoding schemes (the way the digital data is encoded in IR light pulses). Universal remotes need to emulate those protocols precisely if they want to be recognized by the intended receiver hardware. So short answer is yes, programming does affect the way the remote sends the codes. Also the remote can send signals with different base frequency and Flirc works best with ones which use frequencies around 38 kHz.


Is this Philips remote a full universal remote? Can you set it for example to a different TV manufacturer? If yes please try setting it for some newer LG or Samsung TV. I'm using my universal remote with a Samsung TV setup code and I can program every single button on the remote. Both LG and Samsung newer TV receivers (at least some of them) are using a NEC1 IR protocol which is simple enough that Flirc has no problems at all working with it.

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